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Welcome to the Personal Development Online University.  All Personal Development Online University courses are on-demand.  The courses are specialized, educational and relevant.  

You can sign in and enroll in any available course that interest you and proceed through the course at your own pace and convenience. There are never any completion deadlines. Personal Development courses are the best investment you can make in yourself.  

We consider it a great honor to partner with you on your transformational learning journey.

Learner Testimonials

“I was impressed with how the instructor outlined each section and allowed you to marinate on the information so you could actively apply it to the hypothetical's supplied. I would highly recommend the course to all who work in a professional team environment to those just looking to take a useful continuing education course.”

Y. B. (Houston, Texas)

“I enjoyed the self-paced atmosphere to stop and continue where leaving off.”

Marie M. (Silver Springs, MD)

“I would recommend this course (12 Soft Skills for Success) to anyone looking to better understand the importance of healthy working relationships in both work environments and personal networking environments.”

R. B. (Orlando, FL)

Invest In Yourself

Be Inspired. Get Informed. Stay Empowered.

The goal of self-Improvement is permanent change and transformation. Sometimes we require a lot of personal growth in many areas of our life, and sometimes we need minimal improvements to successfully be the person we really desire to be. Learning to be totally responsible for our happiness and contentment requires we always be learning new things and new ways to improve our quality of life. Life is a journey and personal development learning is a great vehicle to get you from one destination to the next. This educational learning platform can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose to take courses at PDOnlineU?

    For the Education! An education that is practical, transformational, empowering and affordable! PDOnlineU offers high quality, affordable, self-development and self-improvement courses that are taught by instructors, course builders, consultants and coaches who are real-life experienced, expert, certified and/or licensed in their perspective fields. PDOnlineU offers course topics and materials that both teach and train students to improve their day to day life-skills, soft-skills, mindset and interpersonal connections.

  • What does a PDOnlineU course include?

    Our courses contain a lecture and or lecture content, which may be presented via video, audio, power point presentation and text media or using a combination of the media listed. In additional to the lecture, the course may include, downloadable (PDF) eBook(s), assignment sheets and worksheets. Some courses will have optional quizzes or test and completion of the course will generate a certificate of completion. Many courses provide additional support resources like a recommended book list and reference articles.

  • How do I enroll and access a PDOnlineU course?

    Our courses are easy to access once enrolled. You can enroll, select a course and make payment from any computer, laptop, Android or iOS mobile device.

  • Can I preview a course I'm interested in taking?

    Absolutely! Every course will provide at least one module for free preview.

  • How long do I have access to my PDOnlineU courses?

    For as long as the course is available. Should we need to retire or upgrade a course, we will provide you with the upgrade or provide you with a course credit you can use for selecting another course of equal purchased value. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND students download all the PDF/Hardcopy course content available via eBooks, eWorkbooks, worksheets and reference materials provided during the course.

  • Is PDOnlineU a traditional accredited university?

    Personal Development Online University (PDOnlineU) is NOT a traditional accredited educational institution. We are however, an independent online education, training school of in-depth and higher learning topics unique to all areas of personal and professional development and self-improvement.

  • What's PDOnlineU's course refunds or exchange policy?

    REFUNDS: We offer a thirty (30) day, money back guarantee on any purchased course that has not been started. CREDIT/EXCHANGES: We offer a course purchase credit towards another course of equal value if the initial course purchased has not been more than 50% completed. Email Support to request a refund, credit purchase credit or course exchange. [email protected]