The Power of Focus

This course will take you through a six-step process on how to stay focused.  We live in a digital world, and we’ve become activity addicts. In order to give something your all, you need to prioritize your focus. Focus is defined as the center of interest or activity.  

If you’re working on something and you’re not putting it at the center of your interest or activity, you’re not giving it your all.  If we don’t have our full attention on something, the outcome won’t be whole either. That could affect work, relationships, friendships, or health. 

If you're going to get stuff done, you have to learn how to focus on the task at hand and refrain from distractions that break the focus. The key is to follow a set of steps – to have a process in place – that garners attention and keeps you on track for the moments when you might get sidetracked. 


The 6-Step Focus System

Learn how to obtain, regain and maintain effective focus skills

Course Objectives

Clear goals promote rapid and easy learning.

  • Learn the power of focus and prioritizing your attention.

  • Learn the 6-Step Focus System that leads to improving and expanding your focusing skills.

  • Apply the concepts taught in this course to your unique real life situations.

Stop Being Distracted!

Learn how to gain clarity, prioritize and accomplish more.

Course curriculum

    1. How To Navigate The Course Portal

    2. Pre-Course Survey

    1. Part 1: Introduction to the Power of Focus

    2. Part 2: The Power of Focus Lesson

    3. Part 3: The 6-Step Focus System

    4. Part 4: Conclusion

    1. Complete the Regaining Focus Workbook

    2. Part 5: WORKBOOK - Regaining Focus, the Workbook

    1. Congratulations! You're Almost Done!

    2. BONUS: Regaining Focus eBook

    3. Post-Course Evaluation Survey

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